Hypnotherapy chandler

Hypnotherapy Services in Chandler, AZ

Hypnotherapy is a treatment that stands apart from other therapy services. I have over 90 hours of intensive training in hypnosis through the Milton H Erickson Foundation. This allows me to offer the innovative and indirect approach that was perfected by Milton Erickson in his pioneering work. In this therapy, you are in a relaxed but alert state that allows you to explore new behaviors and go beyond self imposed limitations in your life. It is helpful and useful in addressing self confidence and body image, behavior conflicts or blocks, fears and self sabotaging behaviors and habits. During the hypnosis session, you are in control and choose when you want to allow yourself to be in a trance state. While in this state, as your therapist, I will make suggestions for you to consider and help to create a landscape that utilizes images and stories that are meaningful to you. As the session progresses, you can then explore options that may have seemed out of reach in your daily life. You can also experience new behaviors that expand how you define your capabilities and ways to move forward through present problems. Hypnotherapy gives clients a unique experience that is both healing and liberating.