Your Counselor in Chandler, AZ

I believe that individuals, couples and families have resources and strengths that can be identified and used in healing and promoting change. Clients who benefit from my services are committed and motivated to this process. He or she recognizes that positive results are most likely when they participate fully and trust in their own wisdom and creativity as well as in our relationship as client and therapist.

About me

I am a licensed professional counselor with 18 years of experience providing therapy and coaching services for individuals and couples. I have had the privilege of teaching and promoting healing for health and community organizations as well as in my private practice. I specialize in treating a broad range of issues including stress and life management, alleviating depression and anxiety and overcoming trauma, grief and loss. My education includes completion of my Masters in Counseling from Arizona State University and post-graduate training in hypnotherapy and Gestalt therapy, an experiential technique that promotes present awareness and release.  In addition to these methods, I utilize a variety of therapeutic approaches tailored to the comfort level and strengths of my clients - cognitive behavioral, education and skills training, behavior rehearsal and experiential techniques.